Thursday, January 2, 2014

Biased Dice Presentation ...

For everyone coming to Las Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo starting January 15-18 and Heavy’s Axis Power Craps Seminar, we are having a free Biased Dice presentation on January 15 featuring:
- A Demonstration of unbalanced uncanceled real casino dice using casino equipment and
- How unbalanced Heavy’s Axis Power Craps dice are using casino equipment (no bogus water test) and
- free drinks, water, beer and Snickers.
Also, as a fellow Axis Power Craps/Crapsfest Seminar Alum, we are opening our Las Vegas Craps Recreational Center to all Axis Power Craps/Crapsfest Alums that are in Las Vegas that weekend free of charge to tune-up your toss and warm-up before putting your $$ on a live Casino table ...... This is most recommended to dust off that jet lag or practice that new shot you just learned.  You can do so on either of the following as we have both:
- 14 foot table,
- 12 foot table,
- harder felt surface,
- microfibre bouncey surface,
- 7 rows of pyramids,
- 5 rows of pyramids,
- Fire Bet Layout,
- All, Tall, Small Layout.
.... And for those that want to sharpen their Roulette systems, we have both a European Single Zero wheel and Layout as well as the American Double Zero wheel.
For details on any of the above and to reserve a practice session time, email to

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Heavy promotes Fiction from the Mad Professor ...

Will the real Mad Professor please stand up ... because we know he will not show his face or come out from behind his curtain in his fantasy Land of Canada Oz ....

As posted on Procraps4u2:


Madprofessor   Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:15 pm  I was told that you can find this little tidbit over on Heavy's board.

Well I make faaaaaaaar more money trading triple-leverage ETF's than I do from playing craps; however, craps is MUCH more fun.The most fun you can have with your clothes on! 

Now how many times have we all read that the great Madprofessor only made his money from the craps table and had no other source of income, therefore making him a professional craps players.

Lets look at two quotes from his book in chapter 1 on page 17 of The  Mad Professor's Crapsshooting Bible. 

I make my living strictly by playing craps.

I have been playing the game this way since 1990. My worst year since turning professional still managed to produce a net profit of $100,000. Resent years have proven to be even more lucrative as I've developed my dice-influencing abilities well beyond what they were when I first started out.

If you have read anything this great fiction writer has written in the past few years now he is making way over the 100,000. mark every year, even claiming to take a cool half million off the craps table with, now get this a $2000 buy-in.  Now of course in that great piece of fiction he didn't come right out and say what he supposedly won, we had to do the math to figure it out with his claim of throwing all those 4's and 10's and how he said he was betting the game when that session was going on!


Long story short, I threw 13 PL-Point repeaters (covering only three PL-numbers, the 4, the 6, and the 10).  I did not max-out the table-limit of $50,000 on either of my Buy-bets; but I came ‘deliciously close’  on the Buy-4 (with the vig alone on my last 4, costing a whopping $2000; and the last Buy-bet vig that I paid, up-front, on the 10, which didn't produce another paying-hit after its most recent press, was $1750). 

As I mentioned above, all 13 PL-Points only encompassed three numbers (the 4, the 6, and the 10).  For me, that in itself was a pretty high accomplishment that is rare as can be.  I’ve thrown 13-Pointers before; but never were they restricted to just three different box-numbers. 

While his claim to fame took a little figuring out to do, we came up with around a cool half million win, on a $2000 buy-in!                                        
If I was making that kind of money on the craps tables, I damn sure wouldn't be doing anything else.  

Friday, September 27, 2013

British Casino changing Craps to Dice ...

One British Casino is changing the name Craps to Dice ...
The Hippodrome Casino is now hoping that the change will help encourage more British gamblers to give the game a go, as it is considered one of the most enjoyable casino games to play, while also offering some of the best odds in the house. Consequently, the “Craps” sign outside the Hippodrome casino in Leicester Square has already been replaced with a new board reading “Dice”.
Interestingly, the rude-sounding name for the popular game originated in the streets of France, where the players crouching down to roll the dice against the curb were said to resemble a “crapaud” – the French word for toad.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Video Proof of Unbalanced Dice ...

Koganinja Presents More Information On Biased Dice

What you are about to watch is a 15 part video series Koganinja put together presenting new information helping to prove the existence of unbalanced dice Las Vegas casinos use on a regular basis. This 15 part video series is a follow-up presentation to the first 2 videos exposing unbalanced dice in Las Vegas casinos. The first two videos are found here:

Part 1 
Link to Introduction of Unbalanced Dice in Casinos - Part 1 

Part 2 
Link to Introduction of Unbalanced Dice in Casinos - Part 2 

In this follow-up video series Koganinja will be presenting true stories, book facts, new dice tests and AHigh's Epic Fail Live on the internet. If you are not familiar who AHigh is please allow me to explain. After Koganinja had posted his first two videos on YouTube showing biased dice, a gentleman named AHigh decided he would try to debunk Koganinja’s videos. This is when the controversy really began to get going. A gentleman by the name of Harley whose website can be found here: was the one who actually discovered biased dice in Las Vegas. It was from his website Koganinja found the information on biased dice which set him on his own investigation into biased dice.

What Koganinja found was shocking, which is why he then made the first two videos. It was after that that these two gentlemen got into crazy heated debates on the internet over the 2 videos, Harley saying that unbalanced dice exist and AHigh saying they don't. This having enraged AHigh, AHigh then told everyone in the craps world on the internet he was going to build a custom dice balancing caliper to prove to the world once and for all NO BIASED dice exist! Go AHigh! Months go by and AHigh has a custom built dice balancing caliper made by an ex-technician of Rolex and spending some three grand on building costs. It was at this point he makes a video and tries again to debunk Koganinja’s videos. It was at this point AHigh sent his video to the craps community and becomes the “Poster Child For NO Biased Dice Exist” and all the dice gurus jump on his bandwagon. Go AHigh!

Koganinja watches a live broadcast of The AHigh Show on Ustream and hears the words dice caliper. Come to find out during the show, AHigh was tossing a ton of 6-1 Seven-outs, 4s and 10s. As per request by Harley who was in the chat, AHigh agrees to bring out the $3000 caliper. Koganinja grabs his pocket video camera to record the action. As faith would have it the dice in question come up UNBALANCED! It's at this point AHigh’s world comes crashing down around him! The “Poster Child For No Biased Dice Exit” has an EPIC FAIL live on the internet which you will see in this 15 Part video series.

Here is the Table of Contents and links to each video:

Unbalanced Dice Follow Up Videos By Koganinja

1. My Introduction & What You Will Learn - Part 1 

2. My Introduction & What You Will Learn - Part 2 

3. Steve Fortes Books 1 - Part 3

4. Steve Fortes Books 2 – Part 4 

5. Steve Fortes Books 3 – Part 5 

6. Robert Spira's Books – Part 6 

7. Steve Fortes Videos – Part 7 

8. Understanding The Dice Balancing Caliper – Part 8 

9. Dice Test 1 Bad Dice – Part 9 

10. Dice Test 2 Good Dice – Part 10 

11. Why Not To Play The Darkside With Bad Dice – Part 11 

12. The AHigh Show Part 1 The Epic Revelation – Part 12 

13. The AHigh Show Part 2 The Epic Revelation – Part 13 

14. The AHigh Show Part 3 The Epic Revelation – Part 14 

15. My Closing Thoughts – Part 15 
Link to Part 15 - Summary and Warning as you play

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


A look at what I have developed for my practice table. All were designed for my personal use until web pals found out about them. They insisted I make it all available to others. At first I was reluctant but the persistence finally caused a change of mind. Here they are.  Interested persons can contact me at this e-mail address.....  Note there are two pages. Linaway
This is my answer to the high cost of tune ups, seminars and very expensive logistics away from home.    Linaway

Interested persons can contact me at this e-mail address.....   

Monday, January 7, 2013

Gambling Quotes ...

A gambler with a system must be, to a greater or lesser extent, insane.
George Augustus Sala (1828-95) English writer and journalist

'God does not play dice' ... and neither do Las Vegas casinos.
- adapted by Harley from Albert Einstein, whose views were summed up in his famous phrase when he became unhappy about the apparent randomness in nature.  In nature and in the casinos, you could set up a certain situation, yet the outcome would still depend on chance, and there would be no absolute certainty about the result. Neither Einstein nor the Las Vegas Casinos and Nevada Gaming Board like that idea.

... it seems that even God is bound by the Uncertainty Principle, and can not know both the position, and the speed, of a particle. So God does play dice with the universe. All the evidence points to him being an inveterate gambler, who throws the dice on every possible occasion.
Professor Stephen W. Hawking 

If God has made the world a perfect mechanism, He has at least conceded so much to our imperfect intellect that in order to predict little parts of it, we need not solve innumerable differential equations, but can use dice with fair success.
- Max Born Quoted in H R Pagels, The Cosmic Code